Ocean-Aid Origins

Ocean Aid, Inc. began in 2000 with the following goal: to provide a safe All Natural wound care product that does not currently exist in the marketplace. We successfully accomplished this by joining sea salt and the natural peptide enzyme, Lysozyme, to create our Ocean Aid line. We have experienced outstanding results with the products we have developed so far.

After compiling research and clinical tests we are now confident that our patented Ocean Aid product line is ready for the medical community. We would like to emphasize that our products are all-natural, sterile and pharmaceutical grade. Our products are also packaged by an FDA registered manufacturing facility.
The uses of our products are endless with new possibilities arising daily. Podiatrists, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, dentists, and registered nurses are seeing surprising results in patients who use our products. Working together extensively with medical researchers and chemists, Ocean Aid Inc. is proud of the proven track record thus far. Ocean Aid is a product line we have developed for professional industries. Ocean Aid was awarded a patent on the novel idea to recreate the ocean, Ocean Aid’s unique bottling process, and for the method of use for topical treatment of skin.

Ocean Aid, Inc. provides an advanced range of skin care products including a sea salt cleansing spray and a moisturizing foam. Ocean Aid, Inc. continuously strives to develop innovative All Natural Products for beautifying, cleansing and skin moisturizing.