Oceanzyme Foam

American Medical Podiatric Medical AssociationOcean Aid Foam is enhanced with the highest quality Pharmaceutical grade ingredients to help assist the body’s natural healing process. This unique product contains natural enzymes and over 82 trace elements and minerals to help protect derma cells.
When Ocean Aid Foam is applied to the affected area the skin allows the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate and absorb. Unlike ointments and petroleum-based products, Ocean Aid Foam will not clog derma pores. This will allow the affected site to breathe.

Uses Dry/Cracked Skin, Post Phenol, and Alcohol Treatment, Burns, Scars, and Psoriasis.

Natural to your body
It May help reduce lumps
It May help reduce scar tissue
It May help reduce itching
Does not irritate
Safe for diabetics and all skin types
Remains sterile from start to finish
No cross-contamination (bag in a can)
The can allows all-altitude (360-degree) dispensing of the product
pH balanced
All-natural ingredients
No cross-contamination
Remains sterile for the life of the product
Safe, effective, and easy to use