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Oceanzyme offers the most advanced wound healing products that use the natural healing properties of the ocean. Ensuring our customers always have the most optimal, natural product at their disposal. 

Scientist, Oceanzyme
Scientist, Oceanzyme

Advanced Wound Care Healing


Several patients present to wound healing specialists seeking a natural or alternative medical approach to their wounds. The purpose of this prospective, case-cohort study of 10 patients was to evaluate the use of Oceanzyme Wound Care Spray (Ocean Aid, Inc, Boynton Beach, FL) in improving healing in diabetic foot ulcers during a 12-week period. This product contains water purified by reverse osmosis, coral reef sea salt, lysozyme, and sodium benzoate. The primary endpoint was wound closure, and secondary endpoints were infection rate and wound area reduction. Overall, 2 patients healed, 2 withdrew, and the remaining 6 had an average of 73% reduction in wound area. While more study is needed, the use of this sea salt-based spray may provide a viable alternative for patients seeking a natural therapy for their wound care.


The Use of a Sea Salt-based Spray for Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Novel Concept

Index Wounds 2017;29(2):E5–E9. Epub 2016 November 21.

(Pougatsch, Rader, Rogers, 2017)


Pougatsch, D., Rader, A., Lee C.,Rogers, L. (2017, February). The Use of a Sea Salt-based Spray for Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Novel Concept. site/wounds/article/use-sea-salt-based-spray-diabetic-foot-ulcers-novel-concept

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